Employment Law

Let us help you through a difficult time with sensitivity and objectivity.

Problems arising in the workplace are common and, whether employer or employee, can often take you by surprise leaving you feeling undervalued, lonely, overwhelmed or ill-prepared.

Our team of lawyers advise on every aspect of employment law, supporting and guiding you or your business through what can otherwise be a complex and stressful process. Whether suffering from discrimination or dealing with a breach of contract, we can offer clarity and peace of mind, providing you with a positive and straightforward path to resolution or exit.

Where situations have perhaps become untenable, settlement agreements can often provide a satisfactory outcome for both parties. These can cover a variety of situations such as redundancy, ill-health or performance management. We can advise you on the terms and effect of the settlement agreement, which may include negotiating the conditions of the final agreement and/or any payments proposed.

We can advise on:

Bonus & Pay Disputes

Breach of Contract

Employments Dispute

Equal Pay

Complex Executive Level Exits

Constructive Dismissal

Contract & Policy Review


Dispute Resolution

Gender Equalities


Restrictive Covenants


Settlement Agreements (formerly Compromise Agreements)


Unfair Dismissal


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