Family Law

Let us help you through a difficult time with sensitivity and objectivity.

The breakdown of family relationships can be hugely traumatic, shattering partnerships, dividing families and often resulting in untold damage to those closest to you. A sense of safety, tranquillity and normality in your homelife is essential and our team of family law experts will do our utmost to steer you through any negativity and upset towards the most favourable outcome possible.

Every family is unique and so we assess your individual circumstances before offering tailored help and advice. Raw emotions and the tendency to seek self-preservation at all costs can be incredibly divisive, so potentially antagonistic situations can be defused or even avoided, creating a more appropriate setting for open, amicable discussion.

Working With Us

Whether your concerns relate to the residence of your child, cohabitation, separation, divorce, or the ownership of your home, our skills in negotiation, along with an ability and willingness to empathise with your situation, can minimise negative impact on all parties, resulting in an satisfactory solution hopefully agreeable to all concerned.

We can advise on:

Child Residence

Guardianship Orders


Child Law, Contact & Residence

Silver Prenuptial Agreements

Cohabitation Agreements


High Net Worth Individuals

Divorce & Separation

Prenuptial Agreements

Spousal Maintenance

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